HackerRank CodePair

Assess advanced technical skills from anywhere

Evaluate candidates problem solving, systems design and communication skills
with real-time pair programming.


Proctoring control
Detects when candidate leaves the tab

CodeScreen Import
Leverage code submissions
from CodeScreen challenges, iterate on them together
in real time.

Library Questions
Import questions from library or set approved questions for interviewers to use

Test Output
Run code against all test cases

Run Output
REPL, an interactive terminal
to execute your code


Test Output
Run code against
all test cases

Run Output
REPL, an interactive terminal
to execute your code

Interviewer Scorecard
Record interview

35+ languages

CodeScreen Import
Import candidate code from CodeScreen

developer friendly

VIM / Emacs
Dark / Light theme
REPL support

Audio / Video / Chat
Built within CodePair
No plugins required
1:1 or panel interviews

Interviewer Scorecard
Record interview decisions


An effective approach to remote technical interviews

Traditional whiteboard interviews and collaboration docs are ineffective and unstructured.
Conduct in-depth, repeatable interviews in a real programming environment.
Gain better clarity on skills and provide candidates a developer-friendly experience.

Evaluate design and
communication skills

  • Diagram a solution leveraging a vast library of common shapes
  • Discuss potential architecture refinements in real-time
  • Evaluate a candidates ability to collaborate and communicate
image 10

Simplify decision making

  • Capture consistent feedback on all required skills
  • Use interviewer notes to catalog ad hoc feedback
  • Recreate interviews on–demand with key–by–key playback the entire team can review

Compliant and efficient interviews enterprise–wide

  • Standardize the interview process and minimize 
compliance risk with question approval workflows
  • Manage interview scheduling, invitations, and
    candidate reports with seamless ATS integration
  • Easily provision roles and manage users 
at scalewith single-sign-on
  • Meet your regulatory compliance and
audit needs with chat log archival

Enterprise Ready

Enterprise-grade platform with scalable team management, compliance, security, and privacy controls. Spend less time on set-up and scale easily company-wide.

Global, personalized support

Work with a seasoned customer success team that has helped global companies successfully deploy, train, and adopt HackerRank solutions.

Customers who use HackerRank love CodePair for it is

Battle tested. Developer approved.

CodePair sessions
per week

Average candidate
feedback rating

Upgrade your technical interviews today. Stay compliant.